All Outlet orders are FINAL SALE. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted. The "Sarah Wells Lifetime Warranty" does not apply.

Outlet bags are inventory deemed in good condition for sale, but don’t meet the rigorous requirements to be sold at full price through our main website. Examples: retired prints, photography samples, older functionality (e.g., we changed the strap style from one production to another or added or deleted an ancillary (not side) pocket), a long cross-body strap is missing (but shoulder straps are still in tact), other bags have a luggage sleeve but this one does not, etc. We’re sorry but we cannot tell you the specific condition for each bag in the outlet and we do not accept returns on outlet bags (all sales are final). We commit that every bag is in totally useable condition (many in perfect 100% condition just an older print or style!), but you as the customer accept there may be differences from what you know of current bags on the market. Thank you!